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If you need a bed..

it should look like this! Via

Discarded Clothes Sculpture by Guerra De La Paz

“The overabundance of discarded clothes though beautiful in some ways, seems depressingly sad when collectively hanging from a ceiling or arranged like a weeping rainbow.”
– gBlog.

The phrase above makes us think about our daily “mass-produced refuse” by creatively putting together old discarded clothes into stunning, artistic sculpture. Guerra De La Paz, a collaboration between two artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz doesn’t see trash, in this sense, but an opportunity for artistic beauty and expression. Via


Rainbow by Helmut Smits. Via


Nice illustrations by this NY based artist.

Chad Hagen

Very nice portfolio. Especially love his ‘Historical Fragments’ and ‘Nonsensical Infographics’


PostCarden is designed and produced by A Studio for Design. They are an independent company based in London enthusiastic about designing thoughtful gifts that appeal to all ages. They created this great card for all the football lovers out there.


First official in-game teaser of Limbo, developed by Playdead. Limbo puts players in the role of a young boy traveling through a hostile world in an attempt to discover the fate of his sister.

Felice Varini

Varini is a Swiss artist, known for his geometric perspective-localized paintings of rooms and other spaces, using projector-stencil techniques.


Absolutely adore the Spectra site by Remon Tijssen.

Prayer Cards

Lovely collection found on the portfolio site of Tom Davie. Make sure to check out his work too.

Burger King’s sound spot

Burger King’s first “musical shower seat” in Japan. Bring you iPod/iPhone and create your own “sound-spot”. Via


Nice collection of business cards.

Belle and The Buttons

Weird commercial for Mama Mio. Love it when she says ‘C’mon girls, let’s get waisted’ in the end!

Eating Tree

Designed by French company Smarin, this raw natural wood, eating tree to eat any kind of finger food. Via


Join fellow sufferer Proun Nul on his quest to find meaning in a desolate world saturated with angst and ennui. Foreman on a deconstruction ship that specializes in demolishing belief outbreaks, Nul is prodded out of his complacency by a false murder charge, and sets off on a journey that takes him to the very brink of hope. A 240-page concoction of fiction and intrigue that delves into the bleak and bitter philosophical brew of Nihilist chic. Written and illustrated by James Turner.

Mighty inspiration archive of an Art Director - working and living in a Belgium based ad agency.

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