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The art of sailing

Beckman’s shipwreck installation, Sea Nymph, forms a centrepiece for Machine Project‘s current season of talks, events, workshops and performances. Via

Self Portrait

Self Portrait’ is the archetypal blank canvas that engages the spectator, with a large-scale, ephemeral representation of himself. All evidence of the encounter exists only in the moment of interaction between the viewer and the work. Gradually, moment and image fade away, never to be repeated.

Henrique Oliveira

Amazing ‘tridimensionals’ installations by this Brazilian artist. Via

The Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka

Feathers fly around this 15 metre-long tank installed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. Absolutely stunning. Via

Lubos Plny

Fascinating work by this Czech artist. Via

Discarded Clothes Sculpture by Guerra De La Paz

“The overabundance of discarded clothes though beautiful in some ways, seems depressingly sad when collectively hanging from a ceiling or arranged like a weeping rainbow.”
– gBlog.

The phrase above makes us think about our daily “mass-produced refuse” by creatively putting together old discarded clothes into stunning, artistic sculpture. Guerra De La Paz, a collaboration between two artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz doesn’t see trash, in this sense, but an opportunity for artistic beauty and expression. Via

Julien Berthier

Berthier is a French artist with great sense of humor. Via

Mighty inspiration archive of an Art Director - working and living in a Belgium based ad agency.

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