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Lego printer

Made by a user called Squirrelfantasy on B3ta, this Lego/felt pin printer not only prints, but is also adorned with Lego mini figurines. Via

I phone book

Great idea for a children’s book.


Lejo, the original dutch finger puppet mastery. Via

Wasting time – machine

Wasting time is doing simple things the most complicated way. The ‘tea machine‘ is a project from Patrick Stevenson-Keating.

Redmoon’s Curious Cabinet

Redmoon has created a performance style that is equal parts pageantry, gadgetry, acrobatics, and ephemera. The Cabinet sets the story of the murderous Dr. Caligari and his somnambulist slave Cesare in an off-kilter world of puppetry and intricate machinery. Inspired by the 1919 German Expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Cabinet creates a wild, abstracted “cabinet of curiosities” in which five puppeteers manipulate and maneuver the characters and objects much as Caligari controls Cesare’s plight. Via


Delightful shop filled with antique writing cabinets adorned with bones and dried flowers, candles beside aged porcelain dolls and taxidermied deer. You’ll be lured in by the faint trickle of 1920′s music, vintage glass, charts of mysterious anatomical regions and dim glare of strange medical devices alongside exotic beetles. Inside the shops’ incensed walls you’ll find a menagerie of…amazing stuff. It’s impossible to list all they offer here, but their online store will give you something of an overview. Via


A new concept designed by Meg Eaton. Mambajamba is a new kind of animal cracker that pairs two fun flavors together. Cinnamon & Honey, Caramel & Vanilla or Original & Pink frosted are a few of the varieties. The cookies are packaged in two separate compartments that flip backwards to reveal a pop-up animal. The packaging also aims to educate kids about different species of animals. Via

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