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The owl and the lion

Ah, why god gave us the internet 🙂

Mobstr’s conversation

British graffiti artist mobstr. recently had an amusing back-and-forth with the Newcastle City Council, which painted over his stenciled statements directed at them. Via

Missing Missy

Story goes: Shannon (the secretary) has lost her cat and has asked David (the graphic designer) to help with a lost poster. Read the brilliantly written email correspondence here.

Anatomia Barocca

Another opus by Akira Sato, which is set in the zoological museum La Specola in Firenze. It houses 600 wax sculptures from the 18th – 19th century, the bulk of them made after dead bodies. A theater of anatomy, plague and death; absolutely fascinating and frighteningly well-sculpted. Via

Unsuck it

Search tool to ‘unsuck‘ terrible business jargon. Especially love these ones:

  • Content Creation – Unsucked: Writing
  • Creative (n.), Creatives – Unsucked: Professional designer, illustrator, composer, filmmaker, or writer. Not your magic pixel-monkey
  • Make It Pop : This looks great, but if you can make it pop a bit more, we’ll be done here – Unsucked: Add cliche elements to a site’s visual design (e.g., ribbon, drop-shadow, bevel)
  • Reinvent the Wheel – Unsucked: Waste time
  • Social Media Guru : The company’s social media guru thinks we should be on Facebook – Unsucked: Douche rocket
  • Soft Launch : We need to soft launch this website to meet our deadline – Unsucked: Release to the public without publicity (to meet a deadline, while praying no one looks at it yet)

Pilot Handwriting

Write by hand on your computer! Go to Pilot Handwriting, turn your handwriting into a digital font and send handwritten e-mails to your friends.

Barreleye Fish

It has a transparent head and tubular eyes, but now the barreleye fish may be better understood, thanks to scientists at the MBARI. Via

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